Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms of Use:
    The following “Terms and Conditions” is written in English. All Users agree and understand that the English version is the official “Terms and Conditions” over any translated version.
  2. Compliances:
    The User agrees to comply with these “Terms and Conditions” when participating in services provided from Karts of London. Services will not be provided without agreement under any circumstance.
  3. User Conditions
    The User must fall under the following 4 conditions. If the User fails to fall under with either1 of the conditions, the User will not be allowed to use the service. If the user is found to be using the service even though the User does not fall under the conditions, then the User acknowledges that insurance will not apply.
    A) The User must be over 25 years old and have a Full valid driver’s licence or International Driving Permit to drive in the UK
    B) The User must have sufficient driving skill to use the service.
  4. Traffic Laws:
    The User must obey all local traffic laws and regulations.The User must pay any fines incurred such as parking tickets or speeding tickets.
  5. Responsibility
    In the UK, by law it is the Users responsibility to make sure the kart is operable with no dysfunctions that violates any local traffic laws. (Example: Taxed, MOT and Insure)
  6. Violation
    Each User will be responsible for any traffic violations. Karts of London or the tour guide will not be liable for any fine or fees incurred by the violation.
  7. Fines and Fees
    Karts of London may charge any unresolved fines or fees incurred by the User regarding traffic violations with local authorities with the security deposit.
  8. Traffic Incidents
    In the event of a traffic accident, the User must notify the tour guide, local authorities, and insurance company.
  9. Unauthorised Settlement
    In the event of a traffic accident, the User agrees not to enter into a settlement with the opposing party without Karts of London’s consent. Karts of London will not be liable for any settlement agreement between the User and the opposing party.
  10. Insurance
    All Karts are insured incase of an accident. The coverage of the insurance is limited and regulated. In an event of an accident, the insurance company will evaluate the incident. At this moment, the User must pay a security deposit of five hundred pounds sterling. If the insurance company evaluate the accident is a result for reckless driving, the User may be neglected of coverage.
  11. Damages
    The User is responsible of any damages to the karts. The User understands that Karts of London will charge for actual damages. Any damages involving the insurance company will follow clause 9. Karts of London has the right to claim for damages.
  12. Criminal Activity
    The User agrees that they are not a member of a criminal organisation nor  participating in a criminal activity.
  13. Sub-let
    The User may not sub-let or permit anyone else to drive the kart, unless specified by Karts of London or the tour guide.
  14. Usage
    The karts, when rented shall not be permitted to use commercially (courier service, advertisement) unless granted by Karts of London.
  15. Return of Karts
    Regarding Tour customers, users will not be liable for charging the Karts after the tour has finished. Regarding freelance rentals, except for necessary maintenance, the User must not modify the kart, such as by attaching stickers or installing devices, etc., without Karts of London consent. Furthermore, the kart must be returned in its original condition and the User must charge the kart before returning it. If the User does not return the kart with a full battery, they must pay the fee prescribed by Karts of London.
  16. Over Time Policy
    Regarding Tour customers, this clause does not apply. Regarding freelance rentals, the User is committed to returning the Kart at the place and time prescribed by Karts of London. If the User exceeds the rental time, they must obtain the consent of Karts of London and pay a late fee.
  17. Copyright
    The User agrees to make no claim whatsoever to copyright, portrait, and publicity rights related to photographs related to the usage of the karts and services provided.
  18. Damages and Penalties
    If the User violates these Terms and Conditions, the User acknowledges compensating any claims made by Karts of London regarding damages or violation penalties.
  19. Decision
    The User understands that Karts of London and the tour guide have the right and authority to suspend an individual user from driving a kart depending on safety risks (reckless driving, alcohol intake or not complying to tour rules, etc.). The User will return the kart as specified by Karts of London or the tour guide.
  20. Disclaimer
    Karts of London will not be responsible and/or liable for any damages caused to the User. Karts of London has the right to suspend, cancel, and change the service provided to the User.
  21. Press Coverage
    The User may not collect data, information, and images in relation to any media distribution without the permission of Karts of London.
  22. Amendments to the Term and Conditions
    The User understands that the Terms and Conditions may be updated without noticing or approval from the User.